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Grade Eligibility Policy



A student will be ineligIble to participate in extra-curricular sports if:
He / she fails to maintain a minimum “C” overall grade average.
He / she has an “E” average in one or more subjects, regardless of his / her overall average.


A lower-than-C average in a subject will not disqualify a student as long as his / her overall average is “C” or above.  The period used when determining eligibility is the current marking period from its start to the date the determination is made.  An ineligible student will not be allowed to participate in any practices, meetings, or games.



1. The coach has a meeting / signup to find out which students would like to participate in the sport.  The coach sets a date for the first practice of the season and gives the list of interested students to the administrator at least one week before the first practice.
2. The administrator copies and distributes the list of interested students to all teachers who have students in this group.  The administrator distributes this list at least four school days before the first practice.
3. Each teacher calculates current grade averages for interested students in each subject, and reports these averages to the administrator in writing at least two school days before the first practice.  Each teacher retains a list of which students would like to participate in sports.
4. Using the subject averages reported by the teachers, the administrator determines overall averages for each student.  The administrator then sends written notification of ineligible students to the coach and to the parents of each ineligible student.  The administrator sends this notification at least 24 hours before the first practice.
5. The teacher recalculates each student-athlete’s grade average(s) once per week and reports such in writing to the administrator by noon Monday.