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About Us


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of The Association for Christian Education, also known as Adams Protestant Reformed Christian School is to provide primary education in a school system where instruction is based upon the infallible Word of God, the Holy Bible.  

            The stated Purpose of Adams Protestant Reformed Christian School comes to expression in the following basic objectives:

  1. It shall strive to prepare students to fulfill their principle in life; namely to glorify God.  In our personal relationship to God we teach that all our life begins and ends in God.  Therefore, God has a claim on our life, and since we are created in God’s image, we must reflect that image in every aspect of life.  This image is best reflected as we show love for God above all and submit ourselves to glorifying His name in our daily tasks.
  2. It shall teach that the Holy Bible is meaningful and alive to students and therefore is an important part of their lives.
  3. It shall teach that prayer is the chief part of thankfulness.
  4. This school shall be a living testimony by word and deed in the community, whereby all students and teachers demonstrate that the Kingdom of God comes first in their lives.  In our relationship to fellow human beings, we teach that we should love our neighbor as ourselves by putting the welfare of others ahead of self, as what we do for others is the same as doing it for God Himself.


Basis of Belief

The supreme standard of Adams Protestant Reformed Christian School shall be the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, herein confessed to be the infallibly inspired written Word of God, the doctrine of which is contained in the Heidelberg Catechism, the Canons of Dordrecht, and the Netherlands or Belgic Confession.  These form the basis for administration, instruction, and discipline in the school.

Acknowledging that these Scriptures, in instructing us of God, ourselves and God’s creation, contain basic principles authoritative and relevant for education, we hold that:

  1. Our sovereign, triune God has from eternity chosen and in time forms a people unto Himself, that they may stand in covenant relationship to Him and live to His praise in friendship and loving service in all spheres of life in the midst of a sinful world.
  2. The Christ proclaimed in the Scriptures is the redeemer and renewer of our life including, therefore, our teaching and learning.  Consequently, in a school that seeks to provide a Christian education, it is not sufficient that religion be a separate subject in the curriculum, but the Word of God must be the basis of the education program.
  3. The authority for educating children resides in the parents or guardians of the children and not in the state or church.  Parents, however, may exercise their authority through those who can competently carry out this God-given parental right, i.e., Protestant Reformed teachers, who subscribe to these documents.

Christian parents, when exercising this authority for educating their children, should do it through those institutions that seek to provide a truly Christian education for these students.  The training of these Covenant children in the school as well as in the home and in the church must serve to prepare them to follow their life-long calling to reveal the glory of their God in a life lived from the principle of regeneration by grace.