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Bus & Car Loading and Unloading



a) Teachers in K-5th grades will lead all of their students to the bus loading area.  They will dismiss their bus-riding students to the buses and their car-riding sudents to the car-rider pick up area along the south side of the gym.  They will remain there until all of their students have been picked up.


b) Teachers in the Junior High will supervise the dismissal of their students out of the school hall door leading to the car parking lot, and supervise their students getting on the buses.  Junior High teachers will remain by the parking lot until all of their students have been picked up.


c) Students are not to group together by the south doors of school, nor on the parking lot area.  Any person should be able to enter and exit school with ease.  Students will use their assigned doors to enter or exit the school building at all other times.


d) Students may not cross Byron Center Ave. unless accompanied by a teacher, coach, or parent and only at the crosswalk.