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Transportation Rules



1. Students will obey and show respect to the bus driver at all times.
2. Noise must be kept to a minimum, and children must remain seated during the duration of the bus run.
3. If windows are open, nothing shall be thrown out, nor shall any part of the body extend out of the windows.
4. Anyone who destroys bus property will be responsible for repairs.
5. Students shall be seated immediately and remain seated.  There is to be no lying down on the bus seats.
6. Students shall remain orderly and shall do nothing to distract the attention of the driver from his/her operational duties.
7. Students shall not converse with the driver unnecessarily.
8. Students shall exit the bus by the front door.
9. The bus driver must be present before the students begin loading the bus (PM).
10. No music devices are allowed on the bus by the students.
11. In the event that a student is not riding the bus on a particular morning, the family preceding them on the bus route should be contacted to notify the bus driver that no stop need be made.
12. Students should be at their stop at least five minutes prior to their pick-up time.

Student infractions of the above rules will be dealt with in the following manner:

First offense:

The bus driver will point out to the student his/her offense. The driver will also notify the parents and principal.

Second offense:

The Transportation Committee will notify the parents of their child’s inappropriate behavior.  The driver will also notify the principal.

Third offense:

The student will not be permitted to ride the bus for five school days.

Fourth offense:

The student will not be permitted to ride the bus for the remainder of the school year.
If, following an infraction of the rules, a student goes four months without an additional infraction, his/her record will be reviewed.  There is the possibility at that time of one or more infractions being removed from the student’s record.
Proper, godly behavior is of utmost importance, and must always be emphasized to our children.  We must remember that if students misbehave and distract the bus driver, they endanger everyone on the bus.  In the event of a student infraction of the above rules, an Infraction Form will be filled out by the bus driver and sent home.